Industrial Video

 Village Media has partnered with industrial clients large and small, using the power of video to educate both potential customers and employee personnel.

Industrial video falls into two distinct categories: Marketing and Training.

Marketing Videos

  • Production costs can be justified because there is a direct relationship to income and the bottom line.
  • With rising fuel and labor costs, the salesman on the road is being replaced by a video on your web site.
  • Videos can effectively weed out lukewarm prospects so that sales appointments turn into signed contracts.
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Training videos serve a variety of purposes:

  • Train new personnel about the use and operation of machinery and equipment
  • Acquaint new personnel with company policies and procedures
  • Teach about a product. These can be targeted to either the end-user or repair personnel
  • A program for the consumer can double as a marketing video¬†with information about related products
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