Marketing Videos

Without a doubt the biggest use of video today is as a marketing tool.

The costs of production can be justified because there is a direct relationship to income and the bottom line.

Use Marketing Videos:

  • on your Web Site
  • in Direct Mail
  • at Trade Shows
  • to enhance a Sales Presentation

With rising fuel and labor costs, the salesman on the road is being replaced by a video on the web.

A video can:

  • Eliminate cold calls
  • Weed out lukewarm prospects
  • Open the door to signed contracts.

Marketing Videos can demonstrate your company’s products and services.
Videos can effectively weed out lukewarm prospects so that sales appointments turn into signed contracts.

Did you know?

…that you can have a first-class video presentation produced for less than the cost of a color brochure?

…that we can develop your script, shoot the footage, and edit your program in as little as a week?

Many people think that video means high cost and long production times.

Well, the secret is out. You can keep your arm and your leg and still get a first class, high-quality video production.

Here’s how it works:

We arrange a visit your location.

We need to know about your business; about what makes you different from your competitors; about how you want to present your company.

We develop a script.

You provide the basic information about your organization and its services or products, and we will turn it into a script for your approval.

We schedule a day to video the production.

In most cases, a single day of shooting can be all that is needed. That means little, if any, disruption of your company’s normal activity.

We edit the original footage on our state-of-the-art digital editing system.

You will receive a copy for your approval… a complete, broadcast quality video with narration and music tracks.

We make duplicate copies.

10, 50, 1000, 10,000 copies. You tell us how many you need and we will deliver them to your door or we can ship them directly to wherever you need them to go.

We place the video on the internet.

We upload your video to your web page and can upload it to over 30 different video web sites.

Sound easy? That’s because it is!

Call the number below or contact us by email for an appointment,
or to receive a free video sampler of our work.

(931)964-2590 (931) 626-4035 cell (931) 629-1977 cell

We don’t want you to just be happy with your video.
We want you to love it.

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