Training Videos

Training videos serve a variety of purposes:

  • Teach new personnel about the use and operation of machinery and equipment
  • Acquaint new personnel with company policies and procedures
  • Educate¬†about a product. These can be targeted to either the end-user or repair personnel
  • A program for the consumer can double as a marketing tape with information about related products

A Training Video can illustrate necessary maintenance and repair steps more effectively than a photo or drawing.

Begin your video with an opening sequence that will introduce the company and the program in a dynamic way. This serves to establish the company’s logo and introduce the company’s key strengths.

Include an index, on the sleeve and in the menu of the distributed DVD copies. Many viewers may not want or need to watch the entire program if they are only interested in one particular segment.

The Voice Over or Narration should sound knowledgeable of the subject.

A professional announcer may sound polished and professional, but may not be believable if they are unfamiliar with the equipment or material. The best choice may turn out to be your technician, will have no difficulty with the language of the product or its repair. A convincing manner with the proper inflections can more than made up for the lack of a polished delivery.

The Digital Editing Advantage

Our digital nonlinear editing system makes it possible to continually modify, add, or delete information in the video production. It allows you to assemble the basic program, then go back and add titles, the arrows and picture-in-picture windows, even entire new scenes, whatever is necessary to improve the communication value.

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