Videos for Nonprofits

Village Media has had the privilege of working with a number of nonprofits whose ideals we share and mission we have been able to support through our media expertise.

Midwife International
Village Media President Douglas Stevens created this video for the nonprofit Midwife International, when his wife Deborah served on the organization’s board.

Village Media has had a long standing relationship relief and development organization Plenty International, producing several videos and their original web site plus several design updates. Their current web site is now edited in-house.

Katrina Volunteers
Plenty has been providing aid and support to the people of New Orleans and the Gulf region since day three after Hurricane Katrina. Village Media went down three years after the storm to document the work of volunteers and to interview people directly involved.

Ecoturism in Toledo, Belize C.A.
Village Media president Douglas Stevenson served as a volunteer with Plenty Belize for 7 months back in 2000, assisting the development of the Mayan run Toledo Ecotourism association and providing logistical support fort another regional project sponsored by UNICEF. Additional video and editing by Phil Schweitzer.

Tofu and Soy Production in Guatemala
Village Media President Douglas Stevenson served as a volunteer with Plenty for two years (1978-1980) in Guatemala, providing radio communication and serving as project electrical engineer for the installation of a food production facility. He returned with his family (and video camera) 10 years later, creating this short short video, demonstrating the food production process.

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